Panorama is based on an uncompromising quest for quality. We promote the noblest craftsmanship: made locally, attentive to the selection of materials, and precise from design to finish. In contrast to the disposable and seasonal, luxury must be timeless, timeless, timeless. The project assumes a demanding, breakthrough stance on sustainable fashion.
Faced with the standardization of creative methods, and the excesses of large scale industries (textiles in particular), PANORAMA is proud to offer an original and sustainable selection, resolutely committed to excellence and to highlighting local creators and production.

Panorama’s selection is born of travels to Latin America and France and the partnerships and friendships forged with our network of artisans over the years.

In Latin America and France, founders, Maria, Felicitas and Clara have traveled far from the beaten path, seeking out new territories and artisans to gather emerging knowledge and forgotten traditions; objects born in the world’s bustling peripheries, and in the remote corners of our own lands.