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Sailor Brush: Small star knot - Broustoù

Sailor Brush: Small star knot - Broustoù

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The sailor brush can be used to sweep crumbs from the kitchen table or sand from your feet at the beach.

Large brush on the left, tied in a traditional star-shaped sailor's knot. Smaller brush on the right, tied in a Matthew Walker knot. 

Materials: Manila hemp rope orange ø16mm. Manila hemp or aloe is a very strong fibre produced from the leaves of the abaca tree.

Broustoù, Breton for brushes, is a design project that explores the art of brushmaking using natural materials. French designer Anne Texier works to preserve traditional brush making techniques and horsehair crafts by connecting agriculture with design. Anne learned to work with horsehair from Christian Augoyard, former director of the Manufacture Française du Crin and to make brushes by hand from Danish brush makers. 

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