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Garlic or Onion Pot - Terre et feu

Garlic or Onion Pot - Terre et feu

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Traditional pottery from Vindefontaine. Made by Catherine Todrani.

Normandie, France

Height (approximately): 16 cm
ø max (approximately): 14,5 cm

About Terre et Feu
Since she started making pottery, Catherine has worked with different types of clay and techniques.
In the beginning, she used red Calvados clay to make copies of old Norman pottery. The workshop is located in a former pottery centre, Vindefontaine, as a craftswoman she has developed a passion for this type of pottery, each shape has a very specific use and name.
Most of her work is done on the potter's wheel.
Over the years, when the "old" pottery fell into disuse, she started working with white clay, which is more receptive to glazes.
The work is the same but the firings are different: 1180° and single firing for the brown clay, 1080° for the white clay but in 2 firings, one for the clay and one with the glazes.
All the ceramics are suitable for food.

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