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Handwoven Cushion - Justine Gaignault

Handwoven Cushion - Justine Gaignault

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Handwoven Cushion.
made from natural European materials.
Pieces may have slight variations, each one is unique.
This piece is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Care Instructions: Cold washing

Paris ,France

Woven on a Jacquard loom.
PANAC fabric : 63 % co, 37% li
Integrale fabric :  51% wv, 28% li, 21% co
100% feather filling / 40 x 60 cm

About Justine Gaignault
Justine Gaignault blends French and Belgian wool and linen to make elegant and tactile tapestries. An artist in residence at les ateliers de Paris, in the heart of Paris, Justine designs each piece on a hand loom which are later produced in a Jacquard Belgium company. She creates custom projects with interior designers and with interior her work is made on demand so there is no waste. In 2022, she joined the prestigious Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d'Art support program.


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