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Navy Dress Puff Blouse - Studio De Lostanges

Navy Dress Puff Blouse - Studio De Lostanges

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Handmade dress.
Color: Navy.

Brittany, France.

100 % Cotton 

About Studio De Lostanges
Each product is inspired by the landscapes of the north Brittany coast.
This collection of old and contemporary materials allows us
to make unique pieces. It is important to us that all the materials are of natural origin to create pieces that are both resistant and practical,
innovative and durable.
The pieces are hand-made in limited editions in France.
The manufacturing process of these parts goes against industrial production.
This short circuit makes it possible to integrate the consumer within
the creation chain. We have the desire to make durable pieces that
accompany us for years. The creations range from garment to object.

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