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Panorama Mundi

Ortiz Mini Bag Grey - Aynié

Ortiz Mini Bag Grey - Aynié

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Hand-knotted net in cotton cord with soft lambskin pocket and drawstring closure. It has cotton crossbody straps and pure cotton lining.
2 hours of knotting. 
Color: Blue.

Handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Lambskin & Cotton.

Unique size.

Sustainable fashion brand. Weaving, knitting, braiding and leatherworking. Natural fibers and leather.
Based in Buenos Aires, Clara Aynie has reimagined her family's 100 year old saddlery into a workshop for her sustainable fashion brand where she handmakes functional and elegant accessories for everyday life. Using ancestral weaving and leather working techniques Clara creates lasting products that are responsibly produced. At Panorama Mundi you can find several of her bag designs made from hand knotted, crocheted and braided net in cotton cord, soft lambskin, cowhide leather and pure cotton, glass beads and silver plated hardware.

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