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Ovale Plate Marguerite - Atelier Sôvage

Ovale Plate Marguerite - Atelier Sôvage

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White-glazed brown chamotte stoneware.

Handmade in Paris, France.


Treigny Sandstone

27 cm x 15 cm


During her childhood between Asia and Africa, Maruska Pacholarz developed a strong sensitivity to nature, flora and crafts which have always fascinated her.
This is how she naturally turned (after a career in graphic arts and then textile design) to ceramics to reconnect with matter and textures.
In her practice, she oscillates between modeling techniques, namely a combination of stampings, pinches, plates and coils.

His two favorite clays are smooth white sandstone and chamotte brown.

She likes to confront these two textures to create organic harmonies that are unique to her. A subtle blend of irregularity, texture, delicacy and poetry.

This is how Atelier Sôvage was born in Paris.

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