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Royal Bermudas - Puerta Negra

Royal Bermudas - Puerta Negra

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This high-waisted Bermudas feature an internal adjustable strap, a folded hem, and side pockets. Handcrafted. Dry Clean or Hand Wash.

Caracas, Venezuela

Fabric: 100% Wool 
Fit: High Waisted Adjustable


About Puerta Negra 
Puerta Negra creates a non-linear encounter between past, present & future. Contemporaneity synthesizes nostalgia, and a romanticized vision of Venezuela’s past, into a wormhole-like aesthetic through an autobiographical quest. 
Puerta Negra explores themes of duality between irreverence and tradition, creation and destruction, ephemerality & transcendence across garments and wearable narratives. 




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