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Sea Urchin Vase - Goju

Sea Urchin Vase - Goju

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Handbuilt vase in white smooth stoneware.
Sandstone, earth & Raphia.
Color: brown.

Handmade in Paris, France.

Sandstone, earth & Raphia.

Height (approximately): 16 cm
ø max (approximately): 12 cm

About GOJU

Juliette Godard founded GoJu in 2019 to re-establish with crafts and manual experimentations. Knit and jersey designer, she learns clay modeling. The shapes are organic and comforting, far from the stricts and geometrics clothes patterns.

In love with materials combination, she adds the lightness of the raffia to the ceramic, like she would knit yarns. Each piece is modeled by hands which makes each of them imperfect and unique.

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