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Upcycled Skirt - Banzo

Upcycled Skirt - Banzo

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One of one skirt made out of our favorite item to rework: shirts! This silhouette lets the fabric rest upon the hips and the belly button show. The most exciting part of this piece is the grand-pannier inspired pockets.
Handmade pieces made from upcycled fabrics.


100% Cotton

Banzo is a handmade and sustainable label that creates one of a kind pieces made from deconstructed garments. Founder and designer Camila Banzo searches for pieces that “will tell a story or have one to tell.” One of her most popular pieces is the Apron Blazer, featuring detachable sleeves held together with ribbons, is a reimagination of the apron popularly worn by Mexican women. Her Gorget Shirt, is another play on masculinity and femininity. The up-cycled shirt is long sleeved with a ruffled collar and a boxy fit which renders it virtually genderless. Banzo started the brand in 2021 and in a short time has made waves in the fashion industry with her original sense of elegance and whimsy. Banzo is exclusively an online retailer and makes a handful of pieces that sell out fast. A business model that promotes sustainability.

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